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Music on the Hill Celebrates Ten Years With Block Party

Music on the Hill (801 D St. NE) is proud to announce their 10th Anniversary, a celebration of serving musicians of all ages in the Capitol Hill community and beyond.

Founder Lindy Campbell says that a decade in business feels like a huge achievement, noting how big an achievement it is for small businesses, especially considering the impact of COVID.

And the business has evolved. “When I opened Music on the Hill, I was really anticipating it being a small lesson studio,” she said. “It took on a life of its own and is so much more than I imagined it could be.”

Now, Music on the Hill has a staff of 13 private teachers and 4 full- or part-time retail associates. She said she isn’t sure if she anticipated this anniversary, although she did has approached the store as her life’s work and a legacy for her son, Owen, who was not yet two years old when Music on the Hill opened.

Campbell has lived on the Hill since 2012 and is raising Owen here, along with the kids who have been attending lessons every week for years. “It’s been so fun watching some of my first preschool students grow into consummate musicians who presently attend Duke Ellington this year,” she said. She says the opportunity to celebrate the people who have helped establish the store as a musical home in the community is “a real treat for myself and the staff.”

Taking it A Day At A Time

The Campbells founded Music on the Hill in 2013. The local business has struck a note nationally as well as locally. When Lindy Campbell opened the store, her son Owen was not quite two years old, “so they aren’t quite the same age, but close.” She said. He would come straight from preschool and later, elementary school, to Music on the Hill every day where he would “help sell things”, hang out in the waiting room, and of course take his own music lessons.

“Many of my early memories of the store involve answering emails with him on my lap, or trying to sell a ukulele while he zoomed through the store,” Campbell recalled. “My whole staff had a hand in raising Owen, and still do.”

Maybe one reason Campbell and her staff have managed to weather changes is that she says she’s had a “one day at a time” mindset. But that meant ten years went by quickly. “I don’t think I put a lot of thought into this particular milestone until a few months ago, when I looked up and realized it had been 10 years,” she said, remembering she thought, “I had better throw a party or something!”

Owen, then aged three, asleep beneath the Ukelele display at Music on the Hill. Courtesy: L. Campbell


And there will be quite a party. Starting at noon Saturday, Nov. 11, Music on the Hill will be throwing a free block party featuring a number of live bands, food by the Trippy Taco Truck, free raffle of instruments, accessories and swag from suppliers.

Additionally they will be selling excellent donated guitars at reduced prices as a fundraiser for Guitars for Vets, a program supported by Music on the Hill.

Saturday’s party will be from noon to 6 p.m. The entire store will be 10 percent off (one day only). And Music on the Hill will unveil its new logo! Bring the whole family and stay for cake and a special toast from founder Lindy Campbell.

A concert will be held on D street in front of the main entrance. All bands feature Music on the Hill employees and/or teachers. Merchandise for the bands will be available for sale. 12-12:45p.m. Party start/The Timber Bridges; 1-1:45p.m.  French Champagne; 2-2:45p.m. Right Chipper; 3-3:45p.m. Cal Rifkin; 4-4:45p.m.; Brendan Lane & the Sugar Packets; 5-5:45 GXB.

Music on the Hill has been repeatedly selected as one of the top 100 music stores in North America by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). The store was named in the “Top Emerging Dealer” category in 2018, which recognizes new music stores.

It is important to celebrate ten years with the community, Campbell said, because the Capitol Hill community is so supportive of their small businesses. “Music on the Hill is no exception,” Campbell said, adding, “it has been an absolute joy to watch kids grow up taking lessons in this store, and to be a part of this neighborhood.”

Campbell and the staff at Music on the Hill send out their gratitude to their Hill neighbors and customers. “The support I’ve had from the families in this community is unbelievable,” Campbell said. “We wouldn’t be here without you!”

Learn more about Music on the Hill and the celebration by visiting: musiconthehilldc.com

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