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Another Restaurant Flocks to The Roost

Another restaurant has flocked to The Roost coop—uh—food hall, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. SE in the posh Blackbird residences. The newcomer is Leni’s Café. There,...

Get a “Taste of the Chesapeake” Next Week in Navy Yard

Navy Yard modern mid-Atlantic restaurant Shilling Canning Company executive chef Reid Shilling will bid the harvest season farewell with its "Taste of the Chesapeake"...

Dining Out During Phase Two

Luncheon of the Boating Party?  The beautiful people in Pierre-Auguste Renior’s Impressionist 1881 painting were definitely NOT social distancing as they relaxed beside the...

Hot New Dining at 700 Penn

Near Eastern Market, we’ve recently enjoyed 700 Penn’s hot new destinations: Eat Brgz (see item below) and the lively Eastern Wine Bar. But last...