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In Memoriam: Larry Quillian

Every neighborhood needs a silent woman or man who believes in the future of the neighborhood and the future of its business community. Capitol...

In Memoriam: Judy Wood 

On June 13, 2021, our community lost a beloved friend and community contributor. Judy Wood passed away after heart surgery and complications that followed. She...

David Melendy: Broadcast Journalist

David Melendy, 71, a veteran broadcast journalist with the Associated Press, died on April 18 at the George Washington University Hospital after a long...

Nancy B. Smalley:  A Rememberance

Nancy B. Smalley passed away on May 2nd, 2020. Nancy was born and raised in New Jersey as an only child. Nancy came to...

Jack Wandersee, 1934–2020

Jack was born in Rochester NY of longstanding Dutch immigrant stock. His father, a WW1 veteran, who had played the coronet in the US...