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Happy Ten Years, Labyrinth!

A community center was born in the middle of the 14th Street Bridge one November day ten years ago. Kathleen Donahue got the idea for...

Even With Business Down, Labyrinth Steps Up

It’s typical of Kathleen Donahue, owner of Labyrinth Puzzles and Games (645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE), that when she is asked to talk about her...

Labyrinth Offers Curbside Pick-Up, Delivery

You're home with the family, and wondering what you're going to do next week when you've exhausted all the toys and games on the...

Labyrinth Games and Puzzles Offers an Unplugged Community Center

When Kathleen Donahue lets me into Labyrinth Games and Puzzles (645 Pennsylvania Ave SE), the lights are off. It’s a Monday — the only...