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New Hotel Set to Open South of Garfield Park

AC Hotel Washington DC Capitol Hill Navy Yard (867 New Jersey Ave. SE) is set to open just south of Garfield Park Feb. 3. The...

Help Restore Underpass Mural Saturday

You can help bring art to life again this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Volunteers will be preparing the mural wall for restoration by scraping peeling...

Opinion: The South Side of Garfield Park Needs Fixing

Garfield Park is a great asset for the Capitol Hill neighborhood and for all of DC. But the southern edge of the park and...

Are the Homeless DC Residents? Do Encampments Threaten Children?

At the Feb. 11th meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B (ANC), a commissioner questioned whether District agencies are providing enough incentive to get homeless...