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Disagreement and Debate: Mayoral Candidates Talk Priorities, Differences

DC Mayoral candidates clashed —for the most part, cordially— in a lively debate May 23 at the Hill Center surrounding key issues facing Washingtonians. The...

Mayoral Candidates Discuss Homelessness in DC

Three candidates for DC Mayor convened virtually Tuesday evening to discuss homelessness in the District. The forum was hosted by Miriam’s Kitchen, a DC based...

Opinion: Ward 6 Councilmember Risks Prolonging Homelessness and Displacement

Aug. 3, 2021 was a jubilant day for homelessness advocates. The DC Council passed a new fiscal year budget with a historic amount of...

Are the Homeless DC Residents? Do Encampments Threaten Children?

At the Feb. 11th meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B (ANC), a commissioner questioned whether District agencies are providing enough incentive to get homeless...