Congratulations, Grads: A Letter from Councilmember Charles Allen


It’s with great pride that I take the opportunity to congratulate you and wish you the very best as you commemorate this significant accomplishment. Regardless of the path you’ve taken to get to this moment, your graduation is the result of hard work, focus, and dedication.

As you near graduation, you’ll find many people have words of advice for you. This is because we can all recognize the potential within each of you. I have no doubt there are great things ahead for the Class of 2024.

Life may feel very urgent right now. Your next step into the world comes at a complex time, with pressing issues such as gun violence, climate change, the fight for a more equal and inclusive society, entrenched partisanship, and threats to the rights of marginalized communities looming large. Add to that the frustration that even as you become more aware of injustices, you recognize that as a DC resident, you don’t have a real voice in national matters. But despite these challenges, you have an obligation to take on these issues for the betterment of our community. My foremost wish for you is to recognize this agency – and the responsibility you have – in affecting change.

Despite the seemingly slow pace of progress, it’s crucial to acknowledge the significant strides we’ve made working together – and sometimes, at odds. These advancements come from people like you who refuse to shy away from the hard work of making a difference. And there are countless avenues available to you to enhance not only your own lives but the lives of those around you.

Class of 2024, I have great hope for your future, and I’m so proud of you. As you embark on your next endeavors, remember Ward 6 and the District stand firmly behind you and wish you all the best.

Councilmember Charles Allen, Ward 6