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Mayor Approves Boundary Study Recommendations

Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) has officially accepted the recommendations in the 2023 Boundary and Student Assignment Study.

Any potential boundary modifications and feeder recommendations would take effect no sooner than the 2025-26 school year, i.e., August of 2025.

The Mayor’s letter was dated June 5.  Next, Deputy Mayor of Education (DME) and DC Public Schools (DCPS) will start formulating the implementation plan, which will be posted to the DME website sometime in August.

Many on the Hill may be wondering how that affects the most contentious issue proposed by the committee, the idea of pairing Miner Elementary (501 15th St. NE) with Maury Elementary (1250 Constitution Ave. NE).

In 2023, the DME proposed pairing Maury and Miner Elementary as a way of addressing the different percentage at-risk students attending the two schools. From: DME presentation to Maury Elementary, Nov. 28, 2023. https://dme.dc.gov/node/1693206

Those recommendations include:

  • In schools where the percentage of at-risk student enrollment falls below the DCPS average (52 percent) lottery seats be set aside for students meeting at-risk criteria. These seats do not include PK seats except in situations where they are not typically filled by in-bounds students. The percentage is to be determined by the school and LEA.
  • Implement the at-risk set aside at Maury to help support socioeconomic integration at the school
  • DCPS explore the feasibility of pairing Maury and Miner Elementaries by launching a Maury-Miner Community Working Group no earlier than School Year 2026-27 to examine the feasibility of a pairing and, if so, determine the logistics of doing so.

The Mayor appears to be referring to this working group when, in her letter, she notes that some recommendations “that impact public school assignment and access have an extended timeline and may require additional community engagement and further investigation by agencies. For those, I have asked DCPS alongside DME to develop an implementation plan to be posted on the DCPS and DME websites by August 2024.”

A representative from DME said that by that date, DME and DCPS will compile an implementation plan that has steps and dates addressing accepted recommendations, including the recommendation on exploring the feasibility of “pairing” Maury ES and Miner ES.

Finally, the Mayor’s letter asks DCPS to review phase-in policies from the last study conducted in 2014. The DME representative said that DCPS will finalize and communicate the phase-in policies to be implemented in 2024 for the Boundary Study. “The DCPS review will include whether the sibling phase-in rights – both for the previous Boundary Study and the 2024 round – will have an end date or not,” the representative said.

To learn more about the 2023 Boundary and Student Assignment Study visit https://dme.dc.gov/boundaries2023

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