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Popular Dog Walker Karyn Fair Has Died

Karyn Fair was a longtime dog walker and pet sitter on Capitol Hill. Her friend and fellow dog walker, Charles Donaldson, wrote this tribute after learning that she had “returned to her stardust origins” Feb. 15. No information is yet available on a celebration of life or other services.

Karyn Fair was perhaps the most flamboyant dog walker in DC. Whereas most in the business dress a par below casual, she was always noticeably attired, showcasing fabulous pieces from Clothes Encounters, our local high-end consignment shop at Eastern Market and also lovely gifted pieces from clients with classy taste.

Karyn was a wonderful storyteller, well read, a music and art admirer and loved her family, friends and furry creatures passionately.

[But] she was so much more. My professional introduction to the dog walking business occurred through her towards the end of 1999. According to Paul, another longtime dogwalker and friend, she was one of the first  to provide mid-day walking services back in the early 90s.

I passed Karyn‘s home yesterday afternoon with the only pup left in my pack, unaware at the time that she had slipped through the thin fabric of her corporeal existence.

Farewell, dear friend. You will be deeply missed. Peace.

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