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Recall ‘A Misplaced Use of Valuable Energy’

Letter to the Editor

Re: Board of Elections Issues Petitions in Ward 6 Recall, Feb. 13

I applaud all efforts to address the issue of crime in the District. However, I find the campaign to recall Charles Allen to be a misplaced use of valuable energy. How best to deal with crime in a complex situation of overlapping Federal and City authorities, inadequate police, court, and detention/incarceration/rehabilitation resources is a difficult problem that goes far beyond the responsibility of one individual. I have never met Mr. Allen, but I keep abreast of his activities on a wide range of issues of interest to residents of Ward 6.  I believe him to be a sincere, committed public servant deserving of our support. I understand the frustrations behind the recall effort, but it would be more productive to engage with Mr. Allen continuously in seeking collaborative ways to deal with crime.  As for those who are attacking Mr. Allen to score political points, I find their campaign to be reprehensible. Let’s find ways to work together to face common problems instead of fomenting division.

Ambassador (ret.) Christopher Ross
Washington, DC

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