ANC 8F Discusses 11th Street Bus Lane


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8F (ANC 8F) met on Nov. 28. Commissioners Nic Wilson (8F01), Rick Murphree (treasurer, 8F02), Brian Strege (secretary, 8F03) and Edward Daniels (chair, 8F04), Clayton Rosenberg (vice chair, 8F05) were in attendance.

DDOT Transportation Planner Kevin Harrison briefed the commission on the agency’s 11th Street Bus Priority Project. DDOT is building a 70-mile bus priority network across the city. Buses are more efficient people movers than cars, stated Harrison. The project will create a more reliable bus system with reduced wait times, he said. It also supports the movement of emergency vehicles and will make road safety improvements.

The project connects M Street SE in the Navy Yard with Historic Anacostia, Harrison said. Planning is ongoing starting with a needs assessment, he added. The agency will then refine their concept and issue a Notice of Intent (NOI). Harrison promised formal opportunities for community input. Construction will start in 2025, he stated.

Treasurer Murphree expressed concern about losing car travel lanes on the bridge going into Old Anacostia. Congestion backs up to highway, he pointed out. “I hope that they (DDOT) will give some sort of care and love for those living east of the river,” retorted Murphree. “I am not saying we are not going to reduce the roadway capacity,” Harrison responded.

“I would like you to consider more options than adding to the congestion there (Old Anacostia),” said Commissioner Wilson. Wilson asked Harrison to return after the completion of the project with data outlining its impact.

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Other Matters

The commission voted to accept the settlement agreement with an entertainment endorsement for Tom’s Watch Bar at 1250 Half St. SE. It also voted to withdrawn its protest of the establishment’s license.

The commission voted to accept the cooperative agreement and support a liquor license for Ama in the AC Hotel at 867 New Jersey Ave SE.

Treasurer Murphree announced he would be remainin g in his position through the end of 2024. The commission approved the 2024 meeting schedule and reelected their existing officers.

Commission approved its 2024 Budget, its choice of bank, participation in the ANC Security Fund, its required initial $50 payments and the First Quarter Treasurer’s Report.

2024 will feature hybrid meetings.

ANC 8F generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 23 at DDOT Headquarters at 250 M St. SE at 7 p.m. For more information, visit