Objections to Repairing Gas Lines Heard at ANC 6A


Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 6A) met via Zoom on Nov. 9. Commissioners Keya Chatterjee (6A01, vice chair), Roberta Shapiro (6A03), Amber Gove (6A04, chair), Dave Wethington (6A05), Robb Dooling (6A06) and Steve Moilanen (6A07) were in attendance. Commissioner Mike Velasquez (6A02) was absent.

Naomi Cohen-Shields, DC campaigns manager for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), briefed the commission on the climate, construction and financial implications of Washington Gas’s plan to replace its 40-year-old pipes. Cohen-Shields encouraged commissioners to urge the utility to explore alternative options for repairing the pipes in the worst condition. It would be better to move away from natural gas towards cleaner energy sources, she stated.

The Washington Gas project had already caused “untold amounts of damage,” Commissioner Chatterjee stated. It has significantly delayed the implementation of the traffic calming measures along Florida Avenue NE, she pointed out. Washington Gas contractors have verbally abused local residents and ANC commissioners, she said. There has been property damage near the construction sites, she reported.

Washington Gas construction has severely damaged the foundation of one resident’s home due to the intense vibrations after metal plates were dropped onto the street, Chatterjee reported. “It would be great if we could use these experiences to stop this project expanding to the rest of DC,” she said.

The damage to cars from the” terrible roads” as a result of this project have made Florida Ave NE “not drivable,” chimed in resident Morgan Giddings.

The commission took no vote on this matter.

Other Matters
The commission voted to:

  • protest the Class C restaurant license application for Jerk at Nite, Inc., 1100 H St. NE, unless a settlement agreement is reached prior to the protest deadline;
  • request the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) modify its K St. NE Bike Lane Extension by removing the turn lanes in support of reducing vehicle speed; exploring options for pickup and drop-off areas on the 700 block of K Street NE, reviews the turn radius at the intersection of Eighth and K Streets NE; and install flex posts at intersections along the south side of K Street NE to prevent blockages.
  • write to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA), endorsing a special exception to permit a financial services firm on the ground floor of an existing, six-story, mixed use building located at 650 H St. NE;
  • write to BZA in support of a use variance relief to expand an existing restaurant use to the second floor of a semi-detached, two-story with basement, commercial building located at 106 13th St. SE;
  • support DDOT’s notice of intent (NOI) to lower the speed limit from 25 to 20 mph on the 800-1400 blocks of East Capitol St., on North Carolina Ave. NE between 13th Street NE and Constitution Ave. NE and on Eighth St. NE between Florida Ave. and East Capitol.
  • appoint community member Paul Spires to the commission’s Community Outreach Committee (COC).

The next meeting of ANC 6A is at 7 p.m. Dec. 14 via Zoom. Get details on committee meetings and how to join online at anc6a.org.

Sarah Payne is a reporter for Capital Community News. She can be reached at sarahp@hillrag.com.