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Security Alert Issued for Tyler Elementary Thursday

At around 1:00 p.m. Thursday, Tyler Elementary School (1001 G St. SE) was put on alert status due to an assault involving an adult on the property.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said the Nov. 30 incident involved an irate parent on campus.

No weapon was involved, the spokesperson added. The parent was arrested and charged with simple assault.

The alert status ended at 1:45 p.m. DC Public Schools (DCPS) said there was no threat to student safety.

“A parent arrived at our building and engaged in a verbal altercation with staff members in the main lobby area before exiting the building and remaining on school property,” wrote Tyler Principal Jasmine Brann in a letter to parents.

“Please be assured that students and staff remained safe and accounted for during this time,” Brann said.

Alert status means that entrance and exit to and from the school is restricted. During an alert students remain in the building, but movement within the school is allowed.

This differs from a lockdown, where students and teachers must stay in classrooms with windows covered and doors locked. 

The school day continued normally, with parents picking up their students later in the afternoon.

Theo Weller is an 11th-grade student at School Without Walls High School, as well as a lifelong Capitol Hill resident. In addition to his internship at the Hill Rag, he writes for his school newspaper, The Rookery. Reach him at Theo@hillrag.com

Note: Tyler Elementary is in the process of changing its name to Shirley Chisholm Elementary.

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