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The Capital in Candy

Photographer Ron Cohn says it brings him joy when other people enjoy his photos. For his latest series, it might be Almond Joy.

For this sweet but spooky season, Cohn created works that use candy to evoke some of memorable landmarks around the nation’s capital, including the Arboretum, Capitol Building and Union Station.

Cohn has lived on Capitol Hill for 40 years and says he appreciates all Washington has to offer in culture and nature. “For an urban area it is always amazing to me how close we are to being surrounded by nature,” he said. “Visits to other cities remind me how spoiled we are by the abundance of often free museums and cultural events.”

Most of the pictures he takes, including these, are done with his cell phone. Cohn says it’s nice to be able to take a picture as soon as he sees something that interests him. His photographs have been picked up by the Capital Weather Gang, featured in the Washington Post and on neighborhood blog Popville.

He’s focused on adding it to his own after reading The Creative Act: A Way of Being by legendary record producer Rick Rubin earlier this year. “[Rubin] discusses trusting your instinct and doing things that make you happy,” Cohn said. “The book was a dose of encouragement.”

“I really don’t know how I came up with the idea for these images,” Cohn said. “But I do think we could all use a little more whimsy in our lives.”

Cohn has agreed to share that whimsy with the Hill Rag readers. Happy Halloween!

U.S. Capitol:  Starburst chambers bookend the Capitol with a magnificent dome of Reeses Cup and a Harvest Mix pumpkin on top.  Supported by, well, yes, a box of Nerds.
White House:  The resounding South Portico is represented by a layering of Sweettarts, and the Executive Mansion represented with the walls of the equally iconic Junior Mints box. 

Washington Monument:  Gummy Bears lock arms to form the obelisk honoring the first president with the always controversial Candy Corn as beacon.

Union Station:  Daniel Burnham’s grand edifice is recreated with soaring arches of white Spice Drops topped with Laffy Taffy and a barrel roof of Smarties.

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