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Adult Hoops at St. Coletta on the Hill

A group of adults that plays organized basketball on the Hill is looking for more players to join them in play for games held at St. Coletta of Greater Washington (1801 Independence Ave. SE). There are openings for between ten and fifteen new players.
Who they are: about 50 hoops junkies who play 48 weeks per year ( age 25 to 45)
What: non league play; three days a week for two hours; two full courts.
When: Mon & Thurs at 6:30-8:30 ;Sun at 11am-1pmWhere: St. Coletta of Capitol Hill  (1901 Independence Ave SE) with parking adjacent to the gym; about 7 minutes from the Capitol.

General Skill level: played some high school ball and had some but not much coaching.

Note: If you were not drafted into the WNBA or the NBA and are still pissed, this is probably not for you.

Need: $750.00 for year-round fee; payment plans are possible.

Worth noting: we are “jerk” free.

Compliance with DC vaccinations required.

Interested??? Text/call Peter Waldron at 202 494 8043.  Email: peter218@prodigy.net.

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