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Mr. Henry’s Calls for Aid

Late Monday evening, Aug. 28, Mr. Henry’s, one of the oldest Capitol Hill restaurants, suffered a break-in. The storied establishment joined a host of other small businesses on  the Eastern Market area and on H Street NE that were also recently struck.

The thieves vandalized the interior destroying food stocks and alcohol, but taking very little of value. The restaurant closed Tuesday for repairs and has now reopened.

“It is very sad that in the last year how many small businesses have been broken into, especially as many of them are still struggling to recover from COVID,” said Owner Mary Quillian Helms.

“Any crime needs to be reported. Whether it is a stolen bike or a break in. If we don’t report the crimes, the police statistics are inaccurate. This is the key to getting the city to focus on public safety issues,” said Helms.

“I have talked with the owner and am helping make sure they get what they need from MPD to ensure this break-in is investigated,” stated Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen (D).

The Quillian family has owned Mr. Henry’s for decades. Famed singer Roberta Flack started her career performing there. The establishment is one of the city’s major jazz venues.

In the opinion of this reporter, Mr. Henry’s patty melt is the single best burger in the city.

“Our local businesses deserve our support when they face a crime like this, and I hope neighbors can make an extra visit for dinner or a drink to show support for Mr. Henry’s and their wonderful staff,” Allen said.

As the councilmember says, local residents can vote for neighboring small businesses daily with their dollars. This reporter plans to eat a patty melt today in an effort to help Mr. Henry’s recover.

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