C Street, NE Traffic Safety Discussed


Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 7D met June 13 via Zoom. Commissioners Siraaj Hasan (7D01), Wendell Felder (7D03, chair), Mike Davis (7D04), Ebony Payne (7D05), Marc Friend (7D06), Brett Astmann (7D07, treasurer), Brian Alcorn (7D08, vice chair), Ashley Schapitl (7D09, secretary) and Brianne Ebony (7D10) were in attendance. Single Member District 7D02 remains vacant.

The DC Dept. of Transportation (DDOT) C Street NE Project (ddot-cp-c-st-ne-dcgis.hub.arcgis.com), aimed at improving the safety of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists, has raised the concern of commissioners and residents due to the lack of a left arrow signal at the intersection of C Street and 21st Street NE in Kingman Park.

Neighbor Malissa Freese supported the implementation of this signal. She highlighted the chaotic current status of the intersection and noted that, due to the “landlocked” nature of the River Terrace neighborhood, a signal at this intersection is key for residents. Cars speeding along Constitution Avenue and 19th Street NE, she noted, also present a public safety issue for nearby schools.

Citing traffic concerns, Commissioner Ebony Payne spoke in favor of a resolution by the commission that would implement this protected turn and launch a traffic study into nearby streets and intersections.

The current absence of an arrow signal in the intersection is “detrimental,” President of Friends of Kingman Park, Lisa White said.

The commission voted to support a resolution to install a left arrow signal for vehicles turning left from east bound C St. NE onto Oklahoma Ave NE and to support a traffic study on 19th St. NE, D St. NE the intersection of 21st St. and C St. NE and Oklahoma Ave to Benning Rd. NE.

Other Matters
Mike Davis has been elected the commissioner for the previously vacant SMD 7D04.

Community Engagement Director for the Office of Attorney General (OAG) Aaron Jenkins spoke about his agency’s goals, responsibilities and public safety. Jenkins highlighted Attorney General Brian Schwalb’s work to prevent ghost guns from getting into the community and his role juvenile offender accountability. Jenkins encouraged community members to take advantage of the District’s security camera rebate program.

The commission voted to:

  • adopt the revised ANC 7D bylaws which can be viewed at https://60879684-d088-4aeb-bdca-a406ec028ba5.filesusr.com/ugd/10169b_9d8c6f6e6c20486d8c69902ac525aa5b.pdf.
  • support the DC Department of Energy and Environment (DDOE) plans for a public playground in Parkside, 685 Kenilworth Ter. NE;
  • support plans by Apogee Farms and Rosedale Urban Farm to convert a vacant lot into an urban farm;
  • support a historic designation for Eastern High School, 1700 East Capitol St. NE.

ANC 7D will meet next on Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. Learn more at https://7d0761.wixsite.com/anc7d-1.

Sarah Payne is a reporter for Capital Community News. She can be reached at sarahp@hillrag.com.