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Join the Doodles Marching in the Capitol Hill July 4th Parade

Lisa Hudson has lived on the Hill for about 30 years. For the past 21 of those, she has attended and adored the Capitol Hill Community 4th of July Parade. “It’s small and local, it’s the neighbors and it’s just fun,” she said.

Last year, Hudson’s family welcomed a little Doodle, Melly, who was born on the Fourth of July.

It was then that they noticed: there are Doodles all over the Hill. It became difficult to get an appointment with groomers. “We call it “an explosion of Doodles,” she laughs.

Why are they so popular? “Well, for one thing, they don’t shed; they’re usually hyperallergenic; they’re very friendly and they’re very cute,” she said. “I mean, they’re like a cross between a dog and a teddy bear, right?”

Melly meets with a contingent of about a dozen Doodle friends in Stanton Park, so Hudson started with them. But she wanted to meet as much of the Hill Doodle community as possible.

And Hudson thought: Melly should parade with her friends for her second birthday.

“I’m hoping that once we get this started, we can build it up year after year,” she said.

Join the Doodle Kaboodle

Do you have a Doodle? Want to meet more Doodles and march with and for your neighbors? If you would like to participate, contact Hudson at lisa01hudson@gmail.com to sign up and get more info. Join the Doodles now!

A few things to keep in mind before you sign up for the Doodle kaboodle:

  • Your doodle must be comfortable around other dogs and noisy crowds;
  • A max of one person can walk in the parade with your doodle;
  • The city requires proof of vaccination, so be sure you have documentation on hand before the parade.

The Parade

The Capitol Hill 4th of July Parade kicks off at 10 a.m. marching from Eighth Street at Virginia Avenue SE and ending at Eastern Market Metro Plaza by about noon. The parade is generally led by the U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps and this year also features the Eastern High School Marching Band, plus local politicians, schools, organizations and businesses, many of whom toss treats into the crowd.

Everyone is welcome to attend! Your school, group or organization can also  march! See more information at www.capitolhill4thparade.com

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