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ANC 6D Looks to Fill Administrative Position

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D is seeking applicants for their Administrator position. While commissioners are unpaid volunteers, this is a paid role.

The Administrator’s primary purpose is to support the operational functions of the ANC at the direction of the ANC 6D Chair. Duties include: preparation, public notice and coordination of logistics for monthly ANC 6D Administrative and Business Meetings (currently virtual) and note-taking to assist Secretary in production of official minutes; liaison with public agencies and others for scheduling and follow-up of presentations; management of ANC documents and website; timely dissemination of legally mandated public notices (via electronic media); general tracking of Council, District agencies and other authorities to provide timely notice to ANC Commissioners as needed. Secondary functions include support as needed of the ANC 6D Executive Committee.

Employment is up to 40 hours/month, beginning in September 2023. Salary commensurate with experience.

Please email 6D@anc.dc.gov to submit a resume and statement of interest, particularly as it relates to the work of ANC 6D, or 6D07@anc.dc.gov for further details.

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