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Celebrate Your Grad in The Hill Rag

It’s so near! Your child is just about to graduate high school. They’ve accomplished so much and done it through a series of unprecedented challenges.

Celebrate them! Feature your High School senior in the Hill Rag by publishing a personalized congratulatory message and their photo in the special June Graduation Issue! The issue will publish on June 3rd.

The image should be from the 2022-2023 school year. The deadline to submit is Monday, May 29.

It’s easy to participate!

Step 1. Choose Your Size

Options [see above image for sample from a previous year!]

  • Small (25 Words):    $50
  • Med (50 Words):     $100
  • Large (100 Words): $150

Step 2.  Email your message, using the corresponding word count, along with a high-resolution photo of your AMAZING grad to:

Step 3. A Hill Rag Account Executive will contact you to confirm details!

If you have any additional questions, you can get in touch with the Hill Rag at seniorshout@hillrag.com.

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