Talking Transportation: ANC 6D April Report


Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D met on March 13 via Zoom. Commissioners Bob Link (6D01, vice chair), Ronald Collins (6D02, treasurer), Gail Fast (6D03), Andrea Pawley (6D04), Ashton Rohmer (6D05), Bruce Levine (6D06, secretary), Fredrica (Rikki) Kramer (6D07, chair) and Rhonda Hamilton (6D08) were in attendance.

Talking Transportation
The commissioners debated a letter to the DC Department of Transportation in advance of a visit by agency director Everett Lott scheduled for the May meeting. The letter focused on issues related to the 2023 Transportation Operations and Parking Plan (TOPP) for the two sports venues, congestion on Buzzard Point and problems with the Fourth Street SW protected bike lanes (PBLs).

Fast asked that the letter omit mention of issues relating to the I Street bike lane and Amidon-Bowen Elementary as well as the section taking issue with the ending of Southwest Circulator service. She said she is working with a group of stakeholders to resolve the former issue and does not want those negotiations upended. As for the Circulator, she asked it be addressed in a separate communication.

Hamilton supported the letter as written. Rohmer offered three amendments to the letter:

  • Ask DDOT to provide a plan for reducing traffic speeds in Southwest to 20 mph, quadrant side, and 15 mph in school zones.
  • Ask for the provision of a marked ADA reserved space on each side of every block on Fourth Street between M and P streets SW for a total of eight spots.
  • Ask for the completion of the I Street SW PBL by June 30.

Fast offered an amendment to remove mention of the Circulator from the proposed letter.

Commissioners agreed to Rohmer’s first amendment and decided to add language about traffic safety at the beginning of the letter. They also agreed to remove mention of the Circulator. Levine objected to Rohmer’s amendment on reserving ADA parking spots and asked for the matter to be discussed in detail. The motion failed. Rohmer withdrew her amendment on the I Street PBL.

The motion for the letter passed as amended.

ABC Matters
Levine appointed Katie Donahue as SMD 6D06’s representative to the ABC subcommittee. The commission also approved:

  • A correction to the community agreement of the Pearl Street Warehouse, 33 Pearl St. SW, that aligns the summer garden occupancy with the 125-person limit provided under the certificate of occupancy.
  • A protest to the application by Milk & Honey, 676 Maine Ave. SW, in the absence of a community agreement, on the basis of peace, order and quiet.
  • A protest to the application by Z O O Z, 636 Maine Ave. SW, in the absence of a community agreement, on the basis of peace. order and quiet.

The commissioners tabled consideration of a structure planned for one of the small parks at The Wharf.

Other Matters
Levine, Pawley and Hamilton reported on their meeting with the store manager of the Southwest Safeway. The store will be remodeled early this summer, they related, and the manager agreed to the establishment of a community advisory committee.

Metropolitan Police Department captains Harding and Roth briefed the commissioners on public safety. There were five robberies in the last 30 days in PSA 103, they stated, one involving a carjacking in the Third Street tunnel and a second relating to a road rage incident. The remaining robberies involved construction workers. Individuals of interest have been identified and the police have allocated additional resources to protect construction workers.

Commissioners voted unanimously to send a letter to the director of the DC Housing Authority summarizing comments at last January’s meeting related to maintenance backlogs, the authority’s reconstituted advisory board and other issues. It also requested the director to visit.

Commissioners authorized $200 to purchase open shelving for the office and approved the financial statements for the first and second quarters of 2023.

ANC 6D meets at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of every month. The next meeting is May 8. For more information and links to join ANC meetings, visit