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Three Dead After Vehicle Enters Anacostia Near FDMB

Three are dead after a car went into the Anacostia River underneath the Frederick Douglass Bridge late Thursday night.

At around 11 p.m., DC Fire Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were called after witnesses reported seeing a vehicle travel into the river from the eastern side. Reporting to the scene, DC FEMS wrote on Twitter that they had found tracks leading into the water and began a search by land, water and air using fireboats. US Coast Guard, DC MPD Harbor Patrol and US Park Police also participated.

DC FEMS later noted that the vehicle was located in the water upside-down shortly after midnight. One occupant was found dead and still seat-belted in position. Shortly after, divers located a second and third body underwater in the vicinity

The vehicle was pulled from the river early Friday morning, at which point the occupant was removed.

Former reporter David Statter monitors Office of United Communications (OUC). He tweeted that emergency services were originally sent to the wrong location –to the 11th Street Bidge, rather than the New Frederick Douglass or South Capitol Bridge, which apparently delayed the response, although it is unclear how many minutes were lost. Officials have said they are investigating the delay.

Officials have not yet provided a timeline of the event nor have they released the identities of the deceased.

This story is updating.

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