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Meet Your New ANCs Social: 6A

Redistricting resulted in a lot of changes in Ward 6, including Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and Single Member District (SMD) boundaries.

Many of us are being represented in DC’s unique form of hyper-local government by a new commissioner –and there are many commissioners who are new to the job.

The Ward 6 Dems are sponsoring a series of socials to help new commissioners get to know their constituents and vice versa. ANC 6B went first, on March 30.

Now, it’s time to meet the commissioners of ANC 6A ! Come Thursday, May 4 to Biergarten House (1355 H Street NE) from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

ANC 6A 2023 boundaries. Screenshot: DC Office of Planning https://planning.dc.gov/2023-anc-smd-boundaries


As of 2023, ANC 6A is bounded by Florida Avenue NE to the north and East Capitol to the South. On the west, the boundary is Seventh Street above D Street and Eighth Street NE below. To the east, the boundary of the ANC –and the ward– is 15th Street NE.

That’s a significant reduction in size. The ANC used to extend to 19th Street below Florida and above East Capitol –and included the portion north of East Capitol inside the 22nd Street NE loop. However, those SMDs, the former 6A07 and 6A08, were redistricted into Ward 7 and are now part of ANC 7D.

Many of the commissioners in the newly-constituted ANC 6A were re-elected to their redefined SMDs. In 6A01, incumbent Keya Chatterjee returns to office; Amber Gove (6A04), Laura Gentile (6A05) and Robb Dooling (6A06) were also re-elected. Newcomers include Mike Velasquez (6A02), Roberta Shapiro (6A03), and Steve Moilanen (6A07), the latter jumping in with a role as treasurer.

What is an ANC?
ANCs are a non-partisan body of elected officials that represent local community members.

Commissioners serve two-year terms without pay. All commissioners in all wards were newly sworn in January 2023. Each commissioner represents a SMD of approximately 2,000 residents. The ANCs’ main role in the District is to be their neighborhood’s official voice in advising the District government (and Federal agencies) on things that affect their neighborhoods.

As of January 2023, both the boundaries of the ANCs and the SMDs represented by each commissioner have changed, together with those representing them. The boundaries of the ANCs and SMDs are updated every ten years, based on the results of the latest decennial census.

The latest boundaries were approved by the DC Council on June 7, 2022 and by Mayor Muriel Bowser on June 16, 2022. Updated ANC and SMD boundaries were used for the November 8, 2022 General Election.

To see if your ANC or SMD boundary has changed, enter your address in the new 2023 Locate Your ANC/SMD tool at https://arcg.is/1PrKXG.

RSVP to the Meet Your ANC 6A Commissioner event HERE: https://www.mobilize.us/ward6demsdc/event/558537/

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