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ANC 8F One K Street SW Design Review

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8F (ANC 8F) met on March 28. Commissioners Nic Wilson (8FO1), Rick Murphree (8F02, treasurer), Brian Strege (8F03, secretary), Edward Daniels (8F04, chair), Clayton Rosenberg (8F05, vice chair), were in attendance.

WC Smith requested the commission’s endorsement for the design of its building at One K Street SW. They propose a 130-foot high, 13-story entirely residential building with 352 units and 179 below grade parking spots on 2.5 levels. The structure is zoned D5, which exempts it from any requirements for public benefits or inclusionary zoning. Its design is subject to Zoning Commission review, since it is located in the Capitol Gateway Overlay District.

Chair Daniels put a motion on the floor opposing the project in line with opposition from the commission’s neighbor ANC 6D. A spirited discussion followed. Commissioners disagreed with 6D’s dislike of the building’s design. They also took issue with their neighbor’s wish for a reduction in underground parking. They praised the provisions for electric vehicles and the provision of a Capitol Bikeshare station as well as the pedestrian improvements on K Street SW.

However, commissioners agreed with ANC 6D’s opposition to the building solely on the grounds that the project lacks an affordable housing component, which is not a requirement in the D5 Zone. The project’s lack of ground floor retail was also a concern. The commission voted to oppose the project with Commissioner Wilson abstaining. Chair Daniels plans to testify.

Other Matters
The commission considered a public space application by Tom’s Watch Bar at 1250 Half St. SE for a patio. The bar is an immersive sports bar incorporating more than 100 TVs. The company, headquartered in Denver, has locations in multiple cities and also in DC’s Chinatown. Commissioners voiced concerns about sound from outside TVs and piped music. The applicant assured there would be no music or sound from the screens. They assured commissioners that the sidewalk width would be consistent with neighboring establishments. The bar will open in mid-July. Commissioners supported the public space permit unanimously.

Brookfield Development briefed the commission on its plan to seek a five-year renewal from the DC Zoning Commission for parking lots on Yards Parcel F and Parcel Q. Parking lots are permitted as an interim use with such approval. The two are the only surface lots left in the Yards development. Parcel F has about 100 spaces. Parcel Q has around 200 spaces. Both are zoned for eventual office use

The commission voted unanimously to:

  • support expanded pickleball facilities in the Navy Yard and Ward 8;
  • bank with First United;
  • support moving the Thompson Hotel Valet to Tingey Street SE;
  • support making Vann Street SE a one-way southbound street with an additional dedicated delivery lane;
  • support changing the Half Street SE northbound one-way street with a delivery drop-off zone for businesses.

ANC 8F generally meets on the fourth Tuesday on the month. The next meeting is scheduled for April 25 at DC Dept. of Transportation Headquarters, 250 M Street SE,. For more information and links to join ANC meetings, visit www.ANC8F.org.

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