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ANC Southeast Library Taskforce Meets Sunday

The first meeting of the new Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6B Southeast Library Task Force for 2:30 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 26, downstairs in
the meeting room of the Southeast Library (403 7th St. SE).

All ANC meetings are open to the public; all residents of the ANC may be members of the task force if thay are appointed by a commissioner. Contact yours for more information.

With the Southeast Branch DC Public Library closing for renovations in summer 2023, many Hill residents are concerned that no finalized plans have been announced for interim services near the library site, although the Northeast Library has been mentioned as a potential provider.

While Sobelsohn and others have called for an interim site similar to that provided during the Southwest renovation, DCPL has pointed out that project budgets must cover all costs of construction including interim libraries.

So, providing a trailer and staffing would cut into the budget for the long-term library improvements. DCPL would prefer to spend the majority of funds on improvements to the permanent library structures, said DCPL representative George Williams.

According to an email sent by Commissioner David Sobelsohn (6B03) this meeting will focus on (1) the basic minimums the community desires for interim library services while the branch is closed as well as determining responsibility for determining some
potential sites for interim services. The task force may also discuss additional funding sources for interim services.

In the future, the group will also discuss ways to minimize the effects of construction on neighboring residents and any additional input into the final renovation design. However, given the short timeline, Sobelsohn said, interim services are the most pressing issue for the task force.

Learn more about ANC 6B and the task force by visiting anc6b.org/

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