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Funeral for Potomac Metro Station Hero Scheduled for Tuesday

Robert Cunningham will be laid to rest at Congressional Cemetery Tuesday, Feb. 14. Cunningham, 64, was killed Feb. 1 as he intervened to protect a woman during a shooting at Potomac Metro Station. Cunningham was pronounced dead on the scene. Three others were injured.

The funeral procession will stop at Potomac Metro Station around noon Tuesday. From there, the family plans to walk the three blocks from the place of his death to the place he will be laid to rest. The public is invited to join in the procession and show their respects.

There are concerns there may be insufficient space for the large crowd expected to attend as Cunningham is laid to rest at Congressional Cemetery. It is expected to be a very large service that will be attended by his family, friends, many WMATA colleagues as well as public officials.

Space at the graveside will be extremely limited and vehicular access even more so, representatives from the cemetery said. Those who will be attending the service are encouraged to wait at the gate and follow the procession on foot.

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