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Commissioners Bid Farewell in December ANC 6C Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6C met Wednesday Dec. 914 via WebEx. Commissioners Christine Healey (6C01), Karen Wirt, Chair (6C02), Jay Adelstein (6C03), Mark Eckenwiler (6C04), Joel Kelty (6C05) and Drew Courtney (6C06) attended the meeting.

As the end of the year approaches and ANC boundary changes due to redistricting take effect next month, several changes will occur within ANC 6C. Commissioners Christine Healey (6C01), Drew Courtney (6C06) and Chair Karen Wirt (6C02) will not continue to serve on the commission in 2023.

ANC 6C dedicated some time at their final meeting of 2022 to acknowledging that service.

Commissioner Christine Healey (6C01) thanked the other commissioners as she reflected on six years of work with the ANC.

“I just want to say that I’ve enjoyed being a commissioner for the last six years and I’m very glad to represent the residents of the old 6C01 and very glad to work with the five of you,” Healey said.

Chair Karen Wirt (6C02) said “it’s been a pleasure” serving on the commission and expressed enthusiasm about its future. “We have a great team, and I’m glad to see it’s staying strong,” Wirt said.

Commissioner Drew Courtney (6C06) echoed Wirt and said he is excited about the commissioners who will begin their terms in January.

“It’s been a pleasure to serve here,” Courtney said. “It’s been an honor. And I’m thrilled to know that I’m being replaced by some folks who are really going to do an amazing job.”

Commissioners remaining in the new ANC 6C thanked the departing members for their service, including Commissioner Mark Eckenwiler (6C04) who acknowledged the vital work performed by Commissioners Healey and Courtney, both the discussion at public meetings and administrative tasks, to make the commission run smoothly.

Additionally, Eckenwiler individually thanked Wirt for her 24 years of service to the ANC and the “enormous amount of work behind the scenes” for the commission.

“Your leadership, your dedication and just the sheer grunt work that you’ve been willing to put into this is so very valuable and I know we’re all going to miss that,” Eckenwiler said.

Commissioner Jay Adelstein (6C03) echoed Eckenwiler, emphasizing how much the departing commissioners will be missed in the new year.

“I do have an overflowing gratitude for both the Chair and Commissioner Healey, for what you have done,” Adelstein said, “and I don’t want to leave out Commissioner Courtney, also who has done a wonderful job, you all will be dearly missed.”

The Commission Voted Unanimously To:

  • Adopt the Alcoholic Beverage Licensing (ABL) committee recommendation to protest the class C restaurant entertainment endorsement for Taqueria Rosticeria Fresca (701 H St. NE) citing concerns about noise levels for residential neighbors. The commission nominated Commissioner Joel Kelty (6C05) to serve as a representative for the ANC in this protest.
  • Adopt the ABL committee recommendation to take no action on the Class C tavern license renewal application for Elevate (15 K St. NW).
  • Adopt the Transportation Public Space (TPS) committee recommendation to send a letter to Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen (D), DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson (D) and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) in support of the Metro for DC free bus fare initiative.
  • Adopt an ANC Transportation Public Space (TPS) committee recommendation to support building projections for a 115 unit all-affordable housing community development at (301 Florida Ave. NE).
  • Adopt the committee recommendation to support the overall DDOT traffic safety project at K Street NE underpass including recommendations for bus islands, loading zones and the extension of bike lanes to Eighth Street NE.
  • Adopt the TPS committee recommendation to send a letter to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) requesting that a plan be developed to reduce truck traffic on Third and Fourth Streets NE.
  • Send a letter of support to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) regarding the application for a permit for an enclosed sidewalk cafe at 301 Massachusetts Ave. NE  for proposed alterations to the building. The plans include a bay addition on the west facade of the building along third street to expand their seating. Commissioners discussed the plans and unanimously agreed to include comments regarding the shape of the roof and an outstanding question regarding the perimeter fence of the business. They also requested clarification on whether the existing canopy will be removed. This previously came through the ABL committee and a settlement agreement was reached with the applicant.

Other Matters:

  • Eckenwiler discussed a proposed zoning map amendment for 775 H St. NE. There is not currently a development plan for the site, just a map amendment. Eckenwiler noted that this property will soon be under the jurisdiction of ANC 6A due to redistricting. He said 6C intends to remain engaged with the project despite that, as it remains in close proximity to ANC 6C.
  • Representative from DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson’s office, Declan Falls, attended the meeting and provided updates about the council wrapping up its current legislative session and encouraged commissioners and residents interested in hearings or testifying in future hearings to visit chairmanmendelson.com for more information.

ANC 6C will meet next on Jan. 11, 2023 at 7 p.m. via WebEx. You can register to attend the meeting and read more about the commission here.

Sarah Payne is a general assignment reporter for Capital Community News. She can be reached at sarahp@hillrag.com.

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