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Name the Rabbit Statues

Barracks Row Main Street has partnered with the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)  to unveil “Found you” the new art sculptures that have arrived at the Eastern Market Children’s Playground Park.

Sculptor Beth Nybeck said that the piece, entitled “Found You,” was a long time coming and she was “excited to see them here where people can interact with them.” The Piece consists of three 5-foot stainless steel sculptures of rabbits playing hide and seek.

Barracks Row Main Street (BRMS) is sponsoring a naming contest for each of the sculpture rabbits. Help decide what the community should name each rabbit. You can submit your names by filling out the form below.

THe contest is open to any and all DC-resident children (12 and under) to name our bunnies!  There are three bunnies in total.

Names for each must be submitted on the BRMS website by parents orguardians on behalf of their children and there is no limit to how many names any individual may submit.

BRMS will select a list of finalists names and open up public voting (via our website) on Oct 1st, 2022.  Voting will close on October 7th, and the names will be announced soon thereafter (and the namers’ parent/guardian notified by email.)

The winning namers will receive a gift certificate for one of the businesses on Barracks Row (which can be picked up at BRMS offices) and have their picture next to his/her bunny will be promoted on our social media channels and website.

Each winner will be announced later this year.

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