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Capitol Hill resident Sarah Dawn Petrin is a humanitarian, poet and writer who is the author of “Bring Rain: Helping Humanity in Crisis,” in which she shares real-life action stories and advice from her 20 years of service in 20 countries with the United Nations.

Born in an African village during a season of drought, she has brought hope and help to refugees since she was 15 years old. From responding to an active shooter in the Capitol to being held hostage by a warlord in the Sahara Desert, Petrin has borne witness to radical acts of ordinary heroism that lead to global change.

The founder of Protect the People, she teaches the Protection of Civilians and Human Security at the U.S. Army Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute. She is currently working on a collection of poems about recovery from the COVID pandemic. www.sarahpetrin.com

What lies within

You did not choose this time
This time chose you

Within you, lies a warrior
A lion

A lark
You are a song in the night
A new song at the break of day

You are a spark
A light that cannot be extinguished

You are hope
A life with breath

You are alive!

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