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Metro Offers Evening Flat Fare Rate

As of Monday, June 27, Metro will implement a flat-rate fare to all customers traveling on weekday evenings after 9:30 p.m. The $2 fare will cover the cost of all one-way trips. Metro will also continue to offer flat-rate $2 one-way fares on Saturday and Sunday as well.

Metro Board Chair Paul C. Smedberg said this decreased fare will provide a “savings to service workers and those using Metro to get to and from nightlife attractions across the region.”

“As gas prices remain high and people continue to increase travel and commute to work more often, lowering the price of unlimited passes makes Metrorail and Metrobus an even more attractive option for work and pleasure travel throughout the region,” Smedberg said.

Metro’s unlimited pass will also decrease in price this month and will now range from $64 to $196 down from $72 to $216 per month. The pricing of unlimited passes is based on the total distance traveled. All trips taken beyond 32 in a given month will be free to unlimited pass holders.

The fare breaks come in a period of service instability in the Metro system. A Metro train derailed near Arlington Cemetery last October, leading officials to pull all of the 7000-series off the tracks until safety could be assured. The 7000-series makes up 60 percent of Metro trains, so that led to serious service reduction.

In June, DCist’s Jordan Pascale reported that WMATA would put eight of the latest 7000-series trains back on the tracks, hoping the addition would help with high-volume events such as July 4th. WMATA has no timeline on the installation of safety measures required to reincorporate the rest of the fleet.

You can learn more about the changes to WMATA’s fares, check train schedules, purchase online passes and plan a trip here.

Sarah Payne is a general assignment reporter for Capital Community News. She can be reached at sarahp@hillrag.com.

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