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Enter DC Library Haiku Contest

Celebrate National Poetry Month with DC Public Library! Residents ages 6 and up are invited to submit a haiku to the 2022 Haiku Contest. The contest closes April 30.
Write a haiku about one of the following themes:
✎ Your love of books, reading or the library,
✎ Something small that gives you joy,
✎ DC in springtime, or
✎ Noticing your neighborhood.Each participating library will select a winner in the following age categories, Children (6 to 12), Teen (ages 13 to 19) and Adult (20 and up). Prize-winners will take home library swag and have their poem posted in the library and on the DC Public Library’s website in May! There is a limit of two entries per person.

What is a Haiku?

A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem made up of three lines, with 17 syllables total.

Line 1 is made up of 5 syllables.
Line 2 is made up of 7 syllables.
Line 3 is made up of 5 syllables.

Traditionally, haiku don’t rhyme and use imagery from the natural world, but you can decide if you want to be creative with rhyme, images, and content.

Learn more by visiting dclibrary.org/haiku2022

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