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Hill resident Patrick McClintock had been seeing an energy worker for years. During a session she held her hands over his midriff area where he had had a colon flare-up in the past, but he had not shared that information with her. “You need to have a doctor examine this area,” she told him. “I see flames burning in your intestine that should not be there.”

When McClintock went to an MD he asked him to scan that area on his body. The doctor found a serious condition for which he needed surgery. He had to remove about 12 inches of his colon.

What is Medical Intuition?

The thought of taking health advice from someone without a formal medical background will not resonate with some. However, an intuitive diagnosis, as with any other complimentary healing modalities, is not meant to take the place of Western medical treatment. It can enhance, prevent or simply serve as a tool to staying well. All of us have intuition and most of us use it regularly. We know when something is not right in our bodies.

A medical intuitive is a practitioner who uses information gained through reading a body’s energy to identify the underlying root causes of imbalance or illness. He or she may or may not have a medical background. MDs may develop their medical intuition to assist in their medical practice. According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine medical intuition is a system of expanded perception gained through the development of the human sense of intuition and focuses on pinpoint visualization skills and scanning to get information from the physical body and biofield (energy systems).

Intuitive advisor Elizabeth Baudhuin

Although intuition has been used historically in medicine for centuries, the practice of using intuition for medical information in modern times dates back to Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802–1866), whose intuitive healing practice began in 1854. Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was known as one of the most well known medical intuitives.

In a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 94 percent of study members said the medical intuitive accurately located their main physical issue or concern. Ninety seven percent would recommend medical intuition to others.

Who Can Use a Medical Intuitive?

Elizabeth Baudhuin, an intuitive advisor on Capitol Hill, said people engage her to “scan their bodies to help them expand their awareness of the potential roots of any physical imbalances. This can help them consider the best healing modalities to support their return to vibrant health.” Baudhuin emphasizes she does not provide a medical diagnosis. “I offer information intended to complement any medical or integrative therapies they may be using.” She also works with animals in this way.

Baudhuin comes from a long line of women who could see what others could not including her great-great grandmother who was a healer and herbalist in the early 20th century.

Food and Medical Intuitive Gail Blair has collaborated with doctors and also has doctors as patients. “MDs work better when their energy is cleared.  “It’s for anyone who is open to doing something outside the box,” she said. “It’s for someone who has tried everything and it hasn’t worked and for those who really want to get to the root of their issue.”

I’ve had a physical issue nagging me since childhood that I wanted to focus on by working with Blair. I wanted to know why I have not been able to sustain a weight that is acceptable as ‘normal’ in American culture no matter what I did. I’ve been called names as a kid and asked questions as an exercise instructor about why I wasn’t ‘skinny’ because I worked out so much. I tried many different diets, however, when I stopped the restrictive eating, the weight came back to almost exactly where I had been.

“You have been more comfortable in spirit than in your body,” she told me. “Your weight has served you well. It keeps you grounded.” She also clarified why, despite my less than perfect weight, I have been extremely healthy all of my life. “You were not comfortable in your body so you focused on it and kept it functioning optimally.” Her words resonated with me. I sensed she was correct in her assessment. I was relieved.

Blair worked with me for more than two hours and cleared what she called “energy blocks” in the left side of my heart, my left hip and the right side of my jaw. (Even though I didn’t recognize it, just last month my massage therapist told me that my jaw was tight.) I was amazed at how loose my jaw felt after the session and how good it continues to feel. Blair also evaluated which foods would help eliminate the 12 pounds of toxins she saw being stored in my body fat. Through her intuitive food compatibility process she gave me a list of foods that are easy to digest and that will allow my body to heal. After my six days on the restrictive food plan we will talk again to add more choices into my diet.

Food and Medical Intuitive Gail Blair. Photo credit Karen Guthrie

Blair said, “If at the root of our situations (problems) is what we eat and think then the solution is in what we eat and think.” The food and body connection clicked for her early in her adult life. She watched her mother die of heart disease at 57. “It hit me then, this was not natural and her doctor confirmed her lifestyle was a major contributor to her chronic conditions.” Blair said uses her gifts to help people awaken. “I’d like to see people develop their own intuitive way and stand in their own discernment and power.”

We all have innate intuitive ability to hear what our body is telling us and do what it needs to allow it to heal. That solution often involves several modalities from traditional and complementary medicine.

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To study medical intuition: The Academy of Intuition Medicine (

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