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Letter: Kudos to ANC 6B For Recognizing Gottleib

To the Editor:

Plaudits to ANC 6B for the awarding of its first distinguished public service award to the former Director of the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC’s) in the District of Columbia.

36 years as Director of ANC’s, and another nine years before that as the Executive Director of previously designated ANC 2D in SouthWest Washington, is quite a record. The ANC system was activated in 1976 through a referendum in the District of Columbia Home Rule Act, and I believe that is when Gottleib began his unselfish service for the public good.

Mr. Simon’s  longevity doesn’t really recognize the quality of his humble demeanor or generosity of his spirit in equally and fairly serving the interests of all of the citizens of the District of Columbia, poor and well-to-do, black and white, old and young.

As a former civic activist and ANC commissioner in the southwest DC neighborhood where Gottleib has lived, the SW community also witnessed a dedicated public servant with thorough meeting preparations, knowledge of District of Columbia procedures and its historical relationship with the United States Congress.

Gottleib was always a gentleman, with untold patience in working with both commissioners and the citizenry.

He is an irreplaceable individual for any community, which will be a serious blow to the future ANC operations and integrity of the entire District of Columbia.

Those responsible for his unwanted ouster should be held accountable and treated equally.  Hopefully the community, and its individual leaders, can reverse the situation in a forthright and straightforward manner.


Brian P. Moore

Spring Hill, Florida

Brian P. Moore served three terms as a Southwest ANC Commissioner and was an independent candidate for DC Mayor.

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