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Parcel B Phase 1 Inches Forward

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D met on Dec. 13 over Zoom. Commissioners Jared Weiss (6D02, secretary), Ronald Collins (6D03, treasurer), Andy Litsky (6D04), Fredrica (Rikki) Kramer (6D05, vice chair), Rhonda Hamilton (6D06) and Edward Daniels (6D07, chair) were in attendance. Dr. Marjorie Lightman, elected to 6D0, by acclamation was seated at this meeting.

Parcel B is located on the vacant field just to the east of Audi Field and north of the Superior Concrete Plan at 1700 Half Street SW. It is part of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) that includes Audi Field. Hoffman & Associates plans a 508,298 sq. ft., development on the lot. The PUD subjects the project to a design review by the DC Zoning Commission, which is scheduled for mid-December. The project also requires a slight adjustment to the PUD’s boundaries and two curb cuts, which must be approved by the DC Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Committee on Public Space as well as a change of use to accommodate a bowling alley.

For the Parcel B site, Hoffman & Associates plan 10,780 sq. ft. of retail, 39,661 sq. ft. of entertainment, 41,043 sq. ft. of office and 416,804 sq. ft. of residential uses. A total of 455 rental residences are planned, 110 of which will be 100% affordable housing created based on senior universal design and accessibility standards. The remainder will be market rate except for 8% reserved as affordable dwellings. 305 parking spaces are planned. The offices will house the headquarters of Volunteers of America, which will also be the administrator of the senior component of the project.

Hoffman & Associates have arranged with DDOT to create a pocket park on the parcel’s northeastern side on top of a section of the two-level parking garage. The remainder of the park is on public space next to Potomac Avenue SW with DDOT’s permission, whose maintenance will be subject to a special covenant with DDOT.

Parcel B’s new urban park. Rendering: Hoffman & Associates

In answer to commissioners concerns about remediation and air quality during construction, Hoffman & Associates committed to a public presentation of its Voluntary Cleanup Action Plan (VCAP), which reported had been approved by the DC Dept. of Energy and the Environment (DOEE).

The commission voted to support the project and authorized Commissioner Kramer to testify before the Zoning Commission.

Square 662
MRP presented its plans for Square 662, which is on the current site of the Superior Concrete Plant. The parcel, bordered by Half, R, S and South Capitol Streets SW, is being developed in two phases. It is subject to design review by the Zoning Commission as well as curb cuts for a bisecting public alley. In its July meeting, the commission had opposed the public space permit citing lack of detail on the alley’s design.

MRP returned to the December meeting with detailed design. Double floor retail bays are now planned for the S Street frontage. The goal is neighborhood-serving retail and a grocer rather than food and beverage, Hoffman & Associates stated. MRP also committed to including three bedroom units in its plans for the residential element of the project; 8% of the total will be affordable at 60% AMI.

environmental remediation, AC Hotel, MRP also provided detailed plans for the 30 foot alley that bisects the project’s two phases. The planned road is divided into two 12 foot vehicular lanes complemented by a six foot pedestrian walkway. The alley’s purpose is to keep all deliveries off the main streets, provide access to a short term retail parking area and accommodate a future grocer. Two stories of underground parking are planned encompassing 220 residential spaces and another 40 reserved for retail customers.

“This started out as a good project and has even gotten better,” stated Commissioner Litsky, “It is one of the handsomest buildings in Buzzard Point.”

The commission voted to support the project with Commissioner Lightman abstaining.

Other Matters
Developers Jefferson Apartment Group and Fortis provided an update on the environment remediation at their project at 1319 South Capitol St SW. The site is located next to Capitol Liquor. DOEE has approved the VCAP. They found leaks from a gasoline tank and bad urban fill. The plan is to excavate several stories below grade and remove all materials. Perimeter air quality monitoring is planned for the duration of the excavation. Commissioner Hamilton requested a follow up meeting with neighbors and a single point of contact.

The commission voted unanimously to support AC Hotel’s community agreement and Class C Hotel and 25% retail license. This 232 key hotel, located at 867 New Jersey Ave. SE, will have summer gardens on its ground floor and roof. The license carries an interior entertainment endorsement. The commission approved a stipulated license as well.

MPD First District Commander Ralph Mclean briefed the commission on public safety. Crime up 29% over 2020, but lower than 2019. 13 violent offenses. Year to date violent crime down 6%. Property crime increased by 26%. Majority of property crime is stolen autos—69 in the last month. Cars are not being damaged. Most are being used by kids as transportation. Mclean stated that 1D is facing officer shortages.

The commission voted unanimously to:

  • support the Pan Can Run scheduled for April 30, 2022;
  • protest the liquor license for Pink Taco, located at 100 M Street SE, in the absence of a signed Community Agreement, on the grounds of Peace, Order and Quiet;
  • support a community agreement, Class C Hotel and 25% retail liquor license for AC Hotel at 867 New Jersey Ave. SE;
  • appeal the DC Housing Authority’s denial of its FOIA regarding the plans for redeveloping Greenleaf Gardens;
  • nominate Gottlieb Simon as the commission’s Senior Special Advisory, responsible for advising it on interagency process and governmental relations’
  • approve the Amended January Meeting Agenda and November Minutes.
  • approve Amended Agenda approved UA. November minutes UA.

ANC 6D meets at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of every month. The next meeting is Jan. 10, 2022 via Zoom. For more information and links to join ANC meetings, visit www.anc6d.org.

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