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Simone Shines on the Soccer Team

Simone Shines
Simone is lolling on the steps of the Frederick Douglass house, her favorite after-school hangout, when she announces to her best friend that she’s thinking about trying out for the soccer team. “So…do it,” says Shiloh. But then she reminds her that playing team sports can be a big commitment and could affect her grades. When Simone tells her dad of her plan, he assures her that he’ll be supportive of whatever she decides, but her classmate DeAndre is dismissive. “Nah,” he says, “you wouldn’t be any good at it.” What’s a girl to do?

In “Simone Joins the Soccer Team,” a little girl is forced to make her own decision and grows up a little bit in the process. The book is the latest offering from Dr. Kelsi Bracmort, who hopes that her character of Simone “will inspire other children to be proud of who they are, to go out and explore, and to follow their dreams.” Her previous title was “Simone Visits the Museum.” Both books are for grades 2-4 and are available in Spanish. They are also beautifully illustrated by New York artist Takeia Marie, who winningly captures not only the characters and their moods but also the distinctive flavors of DC neighborhoods.

Dr. Kelsi Bracmort is a native Washingtonian who holds advanced degrees in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. https://simoneshinesdc.com

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