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A Chipped Stone

From creature, to animal, to Man,

to Artificial Intelligence—to God?

It all started, perhaps, with a chipped stone,

a stone, that was sharp, that became a knife,

A tool, then, to make things with–or to kill:

Awesome things can be done with sharp!

Who could know that this simple accident,

a fractured stone, was/would be, for Man,

The key to unlocking the universe?

A simple but pivotal tool that made Men

Gods among life on earth, and, then (now?)

on to the perfection of thinking,

On to when Artificial Intelligence begins to

speak for us, and we/mortals/Man, may

Have done/finished our work here on earth.

Artificial Intelligence, AI,

The analogue to all of our thoughts,

to that next place in time (tomorrow?)

When AI takes/is given total dominion.

Three and one half billion years

Of biological life on earth,

will transition, at last, to a life form

More permanent, more immortal–godlike­–

more to be that God on earth,

That men had always hoped and prayed

that we had always been,

Are now,

and were always meant to be.

A Hill resident, the author believes that the appreciation of art should not be influenced by the vagaries or prejudices of biography.

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