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Ward 6 Dems Elect New Officers

On Saturday, July 17, the Ward 6 Democrats gathered at Mr. Henry’s (601 Pennsylvania Ave. SE) to hold their biennial convention and elect the officers who will serve for the next two years.

The mission of the Ward 6 Democrats is to build a community across the diverse neighborhoods of Ward 6 to elect Democratic party candidates, educate voters, support Democratic party ideals and principles, and achieve equal representation for our residents through DC Statehood.

All registered Democrats living in Ward 6 are automatically members of the organization.

Newly elected officeers include:

  • Elizabeth Engel, President
  • Dorinda White, First Vice President
  • Matt LaFortune, Second Vice President
  • Regine Charles-Bowser, Secretary

Appointed officers include:

  • Marci Hilt, Treasurer
  • Ethan Van Ness, Parliamentarian
  • Katarina O’Regan, Outreach Director

Frank Avery will continue to head the Young Dems of Ward 6 steering committee.

A special election was also held to fill thecurrently vacant Ward 6 DC Democrats committeewoman position. The meeting elected elected Maggie Edwards.

You can find out more about all the new officers at www.ward6dems.org/about.

Engel set out the vision discussed by the new officers and dedicated volunteers over the past few months in a newsletter send to members. That vision includes:

  • Membership growth
  • Resuming in-person events (as appropriate)
  • Instituting regular general body meetings
  • Electing Democrats in DC and at the state and national levels
  • Working to make DC the 51st state
  • Strengthening partnerships inside and outside the Ward
  • Building community among diverse neighborhoods in the Ward
  • Raising visibility city-wide
  • Increasing opportunities to volunteer related to all of the above

The Ward 6 Dems also want to hear your vision of where the organization, Ward, and city should go in the coming months. You can find contact information for officers at www.ward6dems.org or email ward6dems@gmail.com.

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