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Celebrate Garden Day at Potomac Triangle Parks

It’s time to celebrate the community work that went into making the Potomac Triangle Parks the beautiful spaces they are today.

Garden Day 2021 is a completely free even for the residents of Potomac Gardens and Hopkins Apartments, their neighbors, reclamation project volunteers and donors. It takes palce from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 24.

During the celebration, Emcee and Events Coordinator Aquarius Vann-Ghasri will welcome guests and introduce a short program that celebrates the accomplishments of the Potomac Gardens and Hopkins community and their neighbors to rejuvenate these green spaces and acknowledge the work of volunteers and contributions of donors.

Enjoy picnic-style food, snacks and treats, and dance while DJ Clarence rocks the house.

Win a prize if you have a lucky ticket, or guarantee a win when you have mobile artist Sketch draw your portrait!

There will be games for children and adults, and you could get a free event T-shirt!


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