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Kane Moves On; MPD Appoints New 1D Commander

On Wednesday, July 14, Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Robert J. Contee III announced an organizational realignment with the creation of the Technical and Analytical Services Bureau (TASB).

Assistant Chief Morgan Kane, formerly the First District Commander, will oversee the Technical and Analytical Services Bureau. Commander Ralph McLean, previously a Captain within the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division, will now lead the First District.

Kane began her work with MPD on patrol in the First District and was one month short of serving a full five-year term as Commander of the First District when the announcement was made. “Leaving 1D is bittersweet, but I am over the moon excited for the next chapter in my journey with MPD,” Kane said in an email to the First District List Serv. “Although I am leaving this command, I still live in the District and look forward to seeing you as we are all out and about.”

Kane was a regular presence throughout the District, frequently appearing at community meetings to answer constituent questions about police-community relations, crime prevention and about relations between the police and the community.

First District Commander Raph McLean. Photo: MPD

The new First District Commander, Raplh McLean, joined the Metropolitan Police Department in February 1983. Over the course of several years, he served in the Second, Fourth and First police districts and on Harbor Patrol. In July 2006, he was named Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Police Academy (MPA).He served as the Commanding Officer of the MPD’s Harbor Patrol and was the city’s Harbormaster for 2-and-a-half years. Since November 2019, McLean has been assigned to the Narcotics & Special Investigations Division (NSID) as the Assistant Division Commander. He was also detailed to the Department of General Services (DGS) as Acting Associated Director of the Protective Services Division (PSD).

In her new role, Assistant Chief Kane will lead the Technical and Analytical Services Bureau (TASB), which oversees all information technology services, as well as research and analytical services used to support innovative policing operations and public safety practices.

TASB also includes the Records Division and the Facilities Liaison. Functions of the IT component of the bureau include software development, data quality and compliance, business application development, and information technology program management. The research and analysis staff collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence throughout the department. The Records Division also provides services like fingerprinting, gun registration, and background checks.

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