A Guide to Capitol Hill is On Your Doorstep


You’re about to get the book thrown at you –the 2021 Fagon Guide to the Capitol Hill Community is now being delivered to your doorstep!

The 26th edition of the handbook to your neighborhood businesses, resources and organizations will be distributed across the Hill over the next three weeks.

Check out the local service and retail listings to find out where you can get what you need in the time it takes to walk a few blocks –and support your neighborhood businesses at the same time, keeping Capitol Hill vibrant.

It’s your complete neighborhood resource, telling you everything you need to know about living on the Hill, offering useful information to residents new to the area and to those who have lived here for decades.

Find tips on navigating government services, raising kids in the city, doing work on a historic home, designing an urban garden, or new art venues. Need to find a list of kids sports opportunities? Wondering what an ANC is? Confused by how the DC School Lottery works? We’ve got you covered.

The Guide will be delivered door-to-door to all houses from the Capitol to the Anacostia River, K Street NE to the Navy Yard, and to Southwest townhouses and condos. In addition, real estate offices have them on hand to give to buyers new to the area.

Can’t wait? Check it out online today!