Euphoria Healing & Wellness: Leave Worries at the Door

Euphoria Healing & Wellness Owner and Founder Scott Smith

Many businesses that we loved had to shut down last year, so it’s great to see a wellness business open and survive. Euphoria, located at 611 ½ Pennsylvania Avenue SE, is a holistic personal training studio that offers energy sessions and body work. Their offerings are much needed by Hill residents, especially during the time of COVID.

Owner Scott Smith has created a space where residents can go and leave their problems and worries outside the door. They can get a service that will help them feel better. “Even a half hour of self-care is so important,” said Smith.

Euphoria is different from a spa or fitness studio. It offers both private workouts and spa-like treatments. It also hosts private events and will cater to couples.

Smith’s services are centered in natural, holistic healing. Some are based in massage therapy, some sessions are breathing meditation sessions, and some are more energy work which aids in realigning body, mind imbalances. “All of our sessions are meant to heal and bring a greater sense of circulation and range of motion. The feeling you get from taking one of our services is being in a tranquil zone. Many don’t know how to get into that space. People feel comfortable in Euphoria. It is somewhere they can let go.”

Most sessions are a half hour. “We wanted to open up our services to people who could take advantage during lunch. We want them to be able to fit it into their lifestyle and not just for a special occasion,” said Smith.

Euphoria also sells products that are locally made in DC by a woman-owned organization. They have all-natural CBD and hemp products.

A Journey to Being Pain Free

When Smith graduated college in 2004, he decided to become a personal trainer. “I had chronic pain, two back surgeries and underwent more than 16 epidural shots in my spine, all before the age of 21,” he said. So he was eager to help others avoid the pain he had endured.

He taught clients how to relax, get fit and be pain-free. However, Smith was not following his own advice. “Though I looked like I worked out every day, I woke up one morning and everything fell apart,” he said. “My body was internalizing the stress. I didn’t even feel stressed. But I developed a tumor on my leg and had terrible back pain. I could barely walk.”

Brijon displaying our Holistic all Natural CBD Healing Products.

He could no longer demonstrate the exercises he was teaching to his clients. He had gone to different doctors who could not figure out the problem. The doctor who discovered the remedy for his leg was a Naturopath who Smith said has given him his life back. “I was afraid I was never going to work out again or run again. I almost had exploratory surgery. I got depressed from the pain and lack of answers or relief.”

Smith decided to open a brick-and-mortar facility to help others and prevent them from falling into the same painful situation that he had recovered from. “My emphasis is helping people get their power back. I don’t want them to feel helpless like I did and not know where to turn for help. Focusing on my energy flow and learning how not to stress is what really helped me get well.”

Smith said what he learned in his journey is why he opened Euphoria. “We all have a million excuses for not practicing self-care and can find all kinds of things that come before taking care of ourselves, but you are doing a disservice to yourself and to everyone and everything around you [if you neglect your needs].”


Smith said that Euphoria is following all the COVID guidelines for a clean, healthy environment. It is an appointment-only establishment. The facility uses a UV disinfectant and disposable sheets and products. “We do temperature checks and contact tracing. We require masks. We are staying ahead of the curve through our cleanliness, sanitation and common sense.”

A Variety of Fitness, Energy and Body Sessions Available

Smith created services at Euphoria that help a client rest, restore and repair. In addition to Smith, who has been a personal trainer for 17 years and is a massage therapist, Euphoria has on staff a trainer who ran the exercise program for the CDC. Another massage therapist on staff has more than 25 years’ experience as a natural healer and does Reiki and Chakra Realignment. Smith also has a trained Doula and a sound therapist. Euphoria has a Naturopath as well as a world champion boxer running its boxing program.

Rejuvenating Holistic Bodywork suites

Why Capitol Hill?

Smith does not live on the Hill, but he chose this area to open up a business. “I was intrigued by neighborhood aspect of it,” he said. “I looked at lots of neighborhoods but nothing had the sense of community like the Hill.”

“We had an interesting launch during the time of the shutdown, he said. “We were boarded up three times during the past year. A lot of things have gotten in the way of opening a business, but we are still here and excited to here,” said Smith.

Smith has found that the benefit to creating a business like Euphoria has given him a sense of calm and comfort.  “Doing this kind of work in the tumultuous times we are living in makes me feel as if I am contributing a service that is truly needed.”

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