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Order Your “Mommy Needs a Treat” Package Today

Three locally- and women- owned business are coming together to make sure Mommy gets the treat she deserves this year for Mother’s Day.
DC’s original booze-infused cupcake company, Crunkcakes is partnering with Hill-based publishing company Lola and Pear Publishing and luxury skincare company District Batch are coming together to offer “Mommy Needs a Treat” package.
Because sometimes –well, at all times– Mommy deserves a treat.
This treat is the perfect Mother’s Day gift set. It includes a box of 4 Crunkcakes, amazing locally-produced bar soap and a copy of Lola and Pear explainer of things that slip out, “Mommy Didn’t Say THAT… ”

About the Gifts

district BATCH began as a soap company and our small batch hand-crafted soap is still the foundation of our brand. All of their soaps are palm-free and crafted with Fair Trade shea and coconut oil. They use raw, unrefined, and extra virgin oils that have all the nutrients nature intended.
Crunkcakes  is DC’s original bookzy-cupcake company, making delicious hooch-infused cakes iced with some punch. Because sometimes you don’t just need a sweet moment to yourself, you need spirits to lift your spirit.
Mommy Didn’t Say THAT… &$*%!!! Ever have that moment when you realize what just came out of your mouth in front of your kids and you don’t want them to repeat it? This parent parody book will help you redirect your children to more innocent phrases to ensure no salty language is repeated. Mommy Didn’t Say That was written by Allison McGill and Charla Everhart; illustrations by John Paul Snead. Neither will confirm or deny that the book was written out of necessity.
The total package is $35. Order by May 5 at the link below. It’s a limited edition –only 50 have been made. They’ll be offered at a first-come, first-serve basis.
Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9.

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