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Homebound COVID Vaccine Program Begins April 26

On April 26, DC will start bringing the vaccine to residents who are unable to leave their homes.

The Homebound Initiative begins April 26. All District residents aged 16 years or more and unable to leave their homes can call 1-855-363-0333 to register. 

Although initial plans tentatively included the use of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, use of which has been termporarily suspended, the DC Health Director said she was confident they could begin the program using the Moderna vaccine if necessary.

Nesbitt said that some individuals have been identified some eligible individuals with the assistance of home health agencies and District agencies. However, she said that planning is critical to the success of the program, whether a 1- or 2-dose vaccine is used. Early registration will help the agency work out the logistics, she said, noting that low. “We’re not going to go out into the field with two people registered, or only two people identified,” she said.

More than 212,000 DC residents have received one or more doses of the vaccine as of Monday morning.

As of Monday, April 12, all DC residents aged 16 and over are eligible to receive the vaccine. To preregister for a vaccine appointment, DC residents and employees can visit coronavirus.dc.gov or call 855-363-0333.

With additional reporting from Elizabeth O’Gorek.

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