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What Phase Two Restrictions Were Modified As of Mar. 22?

In all the talk about car dealerships and landfills, it was easy to forget that some of the Phase 2 restrictions in place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 were relaxed in the District as of Monday, Mar. 22, the same day as the Congressional hearing on DC Statehood.

The Mayor issued the order making the changes on Mar. 17. For most, the biggest impact are the changes to outdoor gathering limits and restaurant hours. Gyms are also allowed to operate larger indoor and outdoor classes, and vaccinated people have fewer restrictions in terms of testing and quarantine.

Read on for a list of some of the changes effective Mar. 22:

  • An increase in outdoor gathering limits from 25 to 50 people. Indoor gatherings (indoors is defined as a structure with more than two walls) are still limited to ten people except for certain cricumstances, such as schools, training or religious services.
  • Restaurants and licensed food establishments can be open and sell alcohol until midnight. Capacity limits indoors and outdoors still apply (indoors that’s 25 percent of usual capacity or 250, whichever is less).
  • Group fitness classes can operate indoors with up to ten participants, and outdoor classes with up to 50, not counting instructors.
  • Some youth athletic sports have been authorized, but high-contact sports (like football) are still prohibitied. Field permits are being issued again with a limit of 50 people.
  • Playgrounds are open
  • Private pools (at apartments, condominiums and hotels) can open for residents and members, with provisions.
  • Guided tours are permitted at indoor places, like museums, with a limit of 10 participants. Up to 50 people can go on an outdoor tour. The guide cannot shout info, however, and must communicate via headsets or an amplifier.
  • Libraries can open at 25 percent capacity.
  • DC is considering waivers for live entertainment.
  • Movie theatres can open with a capacity limit of 25 people or 25 percent capacity, whichever is less.
  • Fully vaccinated people who travel are not required to self-quarantine or test if their travel takes place within 90 days of their last dose of the vaccine. They also don’t have to self-quarantine even if they’re exposed to someone with COVID, unless they show symptoms.
  • Groundbreaking ceremonies are permitted consistent with limits on outdoor gatherings.
  • Telework for employees of non-essential and non-retail businesses is no longer “strongly encouraged” –that provision has been lifted. Businesses are to implement plans to ensure on-site safety.

You can read the Mayor’s Order in full here.

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