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Go On A Shamrock Hunt

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s go on a Shamrock hunt!

Some of you may remember the 2020 neighborhood “Shamrock Hunt” where neighbors posted shamrocks or St. Patrick’s Day decorations in windows for others to walk around and find. It was a lovely gesture and something for folks to look forward to as the city went into lockdown.

At the request of several local kiddos, the hunt is on again for 2021. It’s socially-distanced with a bit of fitness! Plus, today’s a day of asynchronous learning for most students –so why not turn the afternoon into a Shamrock hunt??

If you are interested in participating, please put a Shamrock or other decorations in your window and (if you’d like), add your info here!

Click here to see this map on Google Maps on your web browser.

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