Free Help with Swarms of Honey Bees

DC Beekeepers Are Your Neighbors and Here to Help

DC Beekeepers at work. Courtesy: Del Voss

Neighbors probably know that there are a number of beekeepers who live in the city. Those beekeepers want you to know that there are also A LOT of beekeepers around to help.

Now that it’s Spring, some healthy honey bees may run out of hive space and go out looking for a new place to call home–swarming!

Bee swarms contain thousands of harmless, homeless honey bees. These are local, sustainable bees and many beekeepers would love to give them a new hive to call their own.

If you see a swarm, to ensure that it’s collected in a safe and timely manner, snap a picture. Then, call or text the DC Beekeeper Alliance Swarm Squad at 202-255-4318.

The squad is really quick about this. There are dozens of beekeepers in every ward on standby waiting for a call.

DC Beekeepers are fellow citizens, not a government agency or company.

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