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DC Water’s New Children’s Book Addresses Wastewater

If you ever took a field trip to the local sewage treatment plant when you were a kid, a new book from DC Water will bring back some memories.

Instead of shuffling around after a guy in a hardhat and overalls, though, readers of “Wendy, Where Does Our Wastewater Go?” are led on a virtual tour by Wendy the Water Drop, who explains what happens to the water once it swirls down the drain.

Written by Torri Epperson, illustrated by Deborah Han, and designed by Jacob Bilich, this is the first-ever children’s book published by DC Water. Geared for kids ages 6-12, it follows a group of students as they learn all the steps involved in processing their used water, following its progress from the pipes in their homes through the sewers to the Blue Plains treatment plant. Wendy then describes how the wastewater is cleansed and treated there, and eventually released into the Potomac River, where “fish can swim, and animals can use the water now—who knew?”

With colorful pictures, engaging text, and vocabulary and resource lists at the end, “Wendy, Where Does Our Wastewater Go?” is a great way to introduce children to important environmental concepts and make them aware of what’s happening beyond their sinks and bathtubs.

The book is available at all open DC Public Libraries. Copies can also be purchased at https://www.bluedrop.co/shop/.


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