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Call for Stories About ‘an Unfenced Capitol’

United States Capitol Police (USCP) Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has requested a permanent fence around the United States Capitol. In the wake of that announcement, local podcast My Life’s Work wants to ensure that your voice is heard on the impact of this decision.

Adding to recent efforts to help keep this symbol of our democracy accessible to all, My Life’s Work Podcast wants to hear your stories of an unfenced Capitol to share with our community and our elected leaders.

We all have personal memories of our experiences on the Capitol Grounds, from learning how to ride a bike on the cobblestone plaza to moments when the majesty of the Capitol left us breathless.

The author, then a 3 year old, sits on a bench on the Capitol grounds. Photo: Helen Cymrot

Personal stories add depth to the more than 11,000 signatures already collected against the fencing of the Capitol in a recent petition started by Capitol Hill resident Allison Cunningham.

To add your voice to this effort, record a 2- to 5-minute audio clip telling a story about your personal experience and your thoughts on the proposal for a permanent fence.

Submit your recording to https://www.mylifesworkpodcast.org/unfencedc by February 22nd, 2021 or send an email with your story to mylifesworkpodcast@gmail.com (and pictures are welcome!).

Sarah Cymrot is a 16-year-old from Capitol Hill who occasionally contributes to the Hill Rag. She is the co-host of My Life’s Work podcast and attends School Without Walls High School. You can reach her at sarah@hillrag.com.

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