Opposition to Vulcan Concrete Plant License

January ANC 6D Report

The commission listened to the plans for a 13-story hotel at 280 12th St. SW.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D met Jan. 11 over WebEx. Commissioners Andrew Bossi (6D01), Jared Weiss (6D02), Ronald Collins (6D03), Andy Litsky (6D04), Fredrica (Rikki) Kramer (6D05), Rhonda Hamilton (6D06) and Edward Daniels (6D07) were in attendance. The commission unanimously elected Daniels, chair; Kramer, vice chair; Collins, treasurer; and Weiss, secretary.

The commission unanimously resolved to oppose the DC Housing Authority’s (DHA) current plans to redevelop the Greenleaf Gardens Public Housing complex. Community members had yet to see the project’s technical proposal, commissioners pointed out. Moreover, they remained concerned about DHA’s commitment to the “Build First” principle that would protect current residents against displacement.

No details of the size or composition of the units have been provided, they complained. Nor has the commission been furnished the details on the site’s future ownership or management. The resolution called on DHA, the District government and Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen (D) conduct a full public review of the project’s technical proposal and provide the opportunity for the commission to comment.

The Insurrection
MPD Captain Jonathan Dorrough described MPD’s involvement in the recent Capitol insurrection. After receiving a 2 p.m. distress call from the US Capitol Police, the entire First District evening shift donned riot gear and sped to their assistance. More than 50 officers were injured in the subsequent “hand-to-hand” combat. All have since recovered.

First District Commander Morgan Kane was one of the senior officers who led the effort to sweep the rioters from the Capitol, Dorrough stated. Commissioner Litsky termed Kane a “heroine.” “MPD is in our thoughts and prayers,” said Commissioner Collins, a sentiment echoed by the other commissioners.

Andre Witt, chief operating officer of the Southwest Business Improvement District (SW BID), briefed the commission on his organization’s experience with the rioters. The first indication of trouble, Witt stated, was the high hotel occupancy. BID workers noticed lots of the Trump supporters were equipped with walk-talkies. Half reeked of booze. After Trump’s speech, their mood turned ugly, Witt stated. After the mayor declared a curfew, the BID pulled back its ambassadors and clean teams. The next day all was quiet.

Buzzard Point Environmental Issues
The commission unanimously voted on a resolution objecting to a renewal of Buzzard Point’s Vulcan Concrete Plant operating license. The statement called on the DC Dept. of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) to vigorously review the plant’s operations related to environmental safety, claiming that the health of local residents has been adversely impacted. Secondly, a number of commissioners cited the company’s violation of agreed on trucking routes. Invited DOEE representatives did not attend the meeting.

The commission unanimously passed a resolution requesting the District to ensure that developer Akridge implement Voluntary Corrective Action Plan to ensure the remediation of its massive parcel located just south the DC United Stadium at 100 V St. SW. More than 2 million square feet are slated for development. Given its history as an industrial location and the discoveries made during the construction of the adjacent stadium, commissioners remain concerned about coal dust and other chemical contamination of the soil. At a minimum, air quality monitors and careful fencing are required, stated Commissioners Hamilton and Kramer.

Other Matters
MPD Captain Dorrough briefed the commission on public safety. Last month there were no shootings, but six violent crimes. The crime stats, in another words, are good with the exception of an increase in stolen cars.

The commission received a briefing from Pacific Star Capital on the old General Services Administration parcel located at 280 12th St. SW. The group plans to develop a 13-story hotel on the parcel. No restaurant or underground parking are planned. Commissioners expressed concerns about the facility’s loading zone and its construction staging and transportation plans. The commission plans to vote on the design at its February meeting.

The commission appointed the following individuals to its Alcohol Beverage Control committee: Josh Perry (6D01), Mathew Leady (6D02), Mike Stein (6D03), Travis Johnson (6D04) and Gloria Hamilton (6D06).

The commission unanimously approved the treasure’s FY21 first quarter report which showed $2,858.11 in disbursements and an ending balance of $43,938.31. It also approved participation in the Advisory Neighborhood Commission Security Fund.

The ANC unanimously voted to:

  • approve 2021 commission meeting schedule;
  • approve the minutes of the October Special Meeting, the general commission November and December meetings.
  • approve a change to the community agreement with Surfside, 31 District Sq. SW, allowing breakfast service.

ANC 6D meets at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of every month. The next meeting of ANC 6D is for Feb. 8 via WebEx. For more information and links to join ANC meetings, visit anc6d.org.