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Impact100 DC Announces New Grant Effort

Impact100 DC, a multi-ethnic network of women committed to service, has announced its first competitive grant. It has started the process to award a grant of $103,000 to a deserving charity or non-profit by the time of its annual meeting in September 2021.

In announcing the grant, Impact100 DC President Ann Vaughn said “We are proud to be building an organization that reflects the diversity of the greater DC area and can help build bridges across the divides in our community.”

“We look forward to making a grant to an organization working to address unmet needs in our community, particularly those arising from systemic racism and structural inequity.”

Impact100 DC is a giving circle, an increasingly popular form of organization where people in the community join to address local problems. As the membership of the circle grows, it can offer a grant to a community group from the dues it has assessed its members.

Impact100 DC formed in August 2019 with the goal of achieving a three-figure membership that could offer a six-figure grant to a worthy nonprofit. This goal was achieved recently. The aim is to be able to offer a grant large enough to provide a major boost to the work a successful organization is doing in the community.

Grant applications are currently being accepted from organizations active in one of five functional areas: Arts & Culture, Education, Family, Health & Wellness and the Environment. The Impact100 DC membership will evaluate the applications, leading to a set of five finalists by June. After the finalists make a presentation before the entire group, the membership will vote on the winner of the grant at its annual meeting in September.

Go to the impact100dc.org website to learn more about the application process. Applications close on March 8, 2021. Information on joining the group for their next grant round is also available on the site.

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